President Trump Signs Bill Showing Support to Hong Kong

President Trump Signs Bill Showing Support to Hong Kong

Hong Kong which is facing severe unrest is threatening the global markets, say economists.

President Trump who is supporting the demonstrators in Hong Kong has suddenly turned into a hero. However, this unprecedented support from the U.S. President has angered the Chinese government.

A Thanksgiving Rally was held in Hong Kong, as protestors welcome the support from President Trump on their demonstrations.

Hong Kong was formerly a British Colony but was taken over by China from the United Kingdom in 1997.

But now they are repressed by China and a massive protest has built up in the city for the past six months against China’s stiff regulations. An extradition bill was passed by China, against which demonstrators are made.

Joshua Wong, who is an activist in Hong Kong, wants support from other leaders from the west. They should follow President Trump and put pressure on the Chinese government so that their demands will be met, he says.

The trade war is raising a bitter conflict between the U.S. and China. Now that President Trump is fighting for the issues raised in Hong Kong, it is felt that the president is using Hong Kong to get back at Beijing.

“It is an interference in the internal affairs of China”, says China’s Foreign Minister Le Yucheng. He has asked America to not damage the U.S. – China relationship any further.

President Trump has signed two bills to support protestors in Hong Kong. The U.S. asks the China Communist Party to honor its initial promise to the people of Hong Kong. The Chinese are whittling away the freedom promised to Hong Kong, says the U.S.

The trade agreement between the U.S. and China continues with no formal agreement in sight. However, there are chances for a phase-one deal to be struck. But the current Hong Kong issue may interfere with the negotiation, feel analysts.

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