Huawei Joins Hands With Devialet For A $300 Smart Speaker

Huawei Joins Hands With Devialet For A $300 Smart Speaker

Huawei has revealed the Sound X, an enhanced speaker it developed in association with Devialet (the bespoke HiFi company from France). Apart from the premium look, it has 360-degree sound and a double 60 watt subwoofer, as well as push-push woofer vibration-cancelling technology and Devialet’s SAM (speaker active matching)—that removes distortion.

It has also got HiLink smart home control of Huawei, one-touch control, “Xiaoyi” voice assistant by Huawei, and Huawei music support. The device was revealed at the same time as iPad Pro-akin MatePad Pro tablet by Huawei. Huawei already has a few smart devices in the lineup, comprising one that resembles strongly with Apple’s HomePod.

Devialet claimed that the Sound X shows its “first association in Asia,” and claimed that China is its “second-biggest area all over the world in terms of sales.” The firm has done quite a few alliances somewhere else, though, comprising the Altice USA’s smart speaker Altice Amplify, Sky’s surround sound TV speaker, an unusual set-top box with Free in France (the internet provider), and crazy self-driving car Symbioz for Renault.

The Sound X by Huawei will be sold only in China, but it is now on pre-order for a comparatively low amount—at least, seeing the Devialet angle—of 1,999 Yuan (almost $285). It does not seem that the device will be launching to any western regions, though.

Speaking of smart speakers, Apple earlier made the HomePod significantly more helpful for entire households, although somewhat later than hoped for. It came with the launch of iOS 13.2 with an equivalent HomePod upgrade that, amongst other stuffs, offers committed multi-user support. The smart device now identifies the voices of various individuals in your home, offering them user-specific features and customized music access. This is not a new idea in the smart speaker realm, but it will be useful for most of the users.

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