Gigafactory 3: Tesla Is Planning To Expand After-Sales Network Countrywide

Gigafactory 3: Tesla Is Planning To Expand After-Sales Network Countrywide

Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturer venture—Tesla Inc.—is planning to ground a new project, Gigafactory 3- at Shanghai, China. As the stage for the proposed factory is being set, the company has planned to expand its after-sales network in China.

The company has started preparations for setting up new 100 charging stations as well as countrywide revamp showrooms. The company also looks forward to double up the number of currently running maintenance and repair shops.

This move by Tesla surely marks a contrast from the appeal that Elon Musk—Founder and CEO, Tesla Inc.—made in March. This year in March, Musk announced that the company is planning to make economical cutbacks with a closure of its many of the retail stores located worldwide. The relation between Tesla and China in global market is full of disdain. On the contrary, Tesla has shown a different perspective through the showroom parties and racing events held in China.

As per the statements made by Tao Lin—vice president, Tesla Inc.—at an industrial conference, Beijing, The manufacturing process of cars at Gigafactory 3 is an opening move of Tesla to expand in the largest electric vehicle market of the world, China. The company aims to provide a quality service for car delivery as well as to make best after-sales services available in the market.

According to the plan documentations provided by Tesla, Reuters has stated that the company plans to augment the service centers—from 39 to 63—as well as set up nearly 362 faster charging stations with a 39% boost.

In China, Tesla has 48 showrooms whereas its rivals such as BMW, Audi have over 500 showrooms. As per the experts, Tesla needs to maximize its network by opening more showrooms. The company is facing difficulties while maintain the growth momentum as its US revenue is descended by 39% while sales in China are raised up by 64%.

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