New Edge Icon By Microsoft Removes Bad Memories Of IE

New Edge Icon By Microsoft Removes Bad Memories Of IE

The Microsoft Edge browser has a latest Chromium-based engine. The firm is now all set to offer the browser a renovated look to go with. Following an Easter egg hunt, the OS behemoth has disclosed a renovated, ocean wave-based icon for Edge that stands for precious little similarity to the Internet Explorer-based logo of old. The “E” is present if you see closely, but it is obvious that Microsoft might rather you not relate the new application too intimately with the days of IE-based glaring security loops and web pages.

The Chromium-powered Edge has been accessible in beta from August this year, but it is not clear just when the concluded edition will arrive. The Verge claimed that the IT-and developer-aimed Ignite conference of Microsoft begins this week, though. That might be a perfect venue to officially launch a browser that shows a sea alteration in the approach by Microsoft to the web.

On a related note, following the launching a beta test for the latest Edge in last month, Microsoft is now all set to launch the browser officially on next year in January. Over the weekend, the firm also disclosed a new pinwheel-akin Edge icon, which seems like an offshoot of Chrome’s icon. You can check out the close-final Release Candidate edition this week, which might be sufficiently stable for anybody to employ, but also acts to allow IT administrators to get ready for the new Edge.

And talking of IT people, Microsoft is also launching new Bing functions for businesses, which offers the search engine the capability of indexing corporate data and intranet files. You can hope for the new Edge to be much quicker as compared to the previous version, due to the Chromium engine that is also employed in Chrome.

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