Lyft To Offer Users Discounted And Free Rides To Job Interviews

Lyft To Offer Users Discounted And Free Rides To Job Interviews

Lyft has declared a plan to assist users “going for the employment pipeline” get to and from professional training programs, job interviews, and new locations of work with discounted or free rides. It is collaborating with different nonprofit associates on the Jobs Access Program. This list of partners comprises the USO, Goodwill, and the National Down Syndrome Society—.

The ridesharing firm is planning to assist users from a series of backgrounds. They comprise people with disabilities, veterans, formerly incarcerated people, refugees, 18–24-year-olds maybe trying to get their first job, and those in low-income regions.

The project will originally be accessible in over 35 areas all over Canada and the US, and the nonprofits will link users who can use some assistance with Lyft rides. Other associates comprise Year Up, United Way and 211, #cut50 (Dream Corps), Generation, Upwardly Global, and The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth.

Along with rides to and from job training programs and interviews, Lyft plans to assist users get to home and work again for their initial 3 weeks of job. That can ease the load for them of reaching to their jobs until they can pay for transit themselves and select up a paycheck.

Previously this year, Lyft promised to spend at least $50 Million (almost 1% of profits) each year on actions such as sustainability, transportation infrastructure, and donated rides. The Jobs Access Program is fraction of those attempts and promises.

Lyft has a plethora of programs in place to assist users in requirement get around. During the blackouts in northern California earlier this month, it provided rides free of cost to relief centers. In late times, it extended the accessibility of non-emergency rides and wheelchair-accessible rides for Medicaid patients.

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