Los Angeles Fire Department Needs To Grow Its Drone Fleet 2 Times

The new FLIR C360 Muve gas detector is seen on a DJI Matrice 210 drone, during a demonstration at the Los Angeles Fire Department ahead of DJI's AirWorks conference in Los Angeles, California, on September 23, 2019. - Drones are proving to be a game changer for emergency responders who are increasingly using the technology to spot fires, detect toxic gas or to locate missing people or suspects, experts say. "Where we cannot go, we will now be putting a unmanned aircraft system (UAS), where we can't see we can now put a UAS," Richard Fields, battalion chief with the Los Angeles Fire Department, told AFP at a conference on drones this week in Los Angeles. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP) (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Fire Department Needs To Grow Its Drone Fleet 2 Times

It is not just law enforcement getting success using drones. The Battalion Chief Richard Field of Los Angeles Fire Department claimed to the media that he aimed to increase the drone fleet by 2 times just 5 Months after an association with DJI started. Besides the current 11 drones, the new ones might offer assistance to “dedicated resources,” such as crews who cope with urban search, hazardous materials, and swift water rescues. Current units help make maps for wildfires and offer clearer viewpoints on blazes.

It is not sure how shortly the LAFD may extend its fleet, but he referred to it as the “upcoming version” of the program.

To some level, the premature success is the outcome of widespread training. An LAFD pilot gets almost 80 hours of training. That is more than any operator for commercial drone, Fields claimed. That is not shocking when the drones at LAFD are comprised in life-saving cases, but it does prove that effectiveness of drones is connected tightly with that of their handlers.

This can represent firefighting’s peek at the future. The LAFD is one of the biggest fire divisions in the US, having responded to almost 500,000 calls last year alone. Whatever successes it has using drones can act as instances for other divisions expecting drones will offer a better perspective for their own efforts regarding firefighting.

On a related note, Skydio needs to make its self-flying drone helpful to firms who need drones at all times in the air. It earlier unveiled a Skydio 2 Dock system that allows the drone to charge itself and, preferably, operate with almost no intervention from humans. The robotic flyer employs visual and inertial navigation to get down on a charging pad that expands from a box that both transfers data and feeds power via WiFi or Ethernet.

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