NASA says, 1 person to visit Mars likely to be a woman

NASA says, 1 person to visit Mars likely to be a woman

Jim Bridenstine, Administrator at NASA said the space agency would soon start sending astronauts to the moon. For the first time, in past fifty years, it would be one lucky astronaut to get the opportunity who would most possibly be a woman. Following that, it would not be long before the first woman lands on Mars perhaps even beating the man. Jim mentioned on October 18th 2019 during a press release that they are on the verge of finalizing a woman to be sent to Mars and talked more about first ever all-women spacewalk. He thinks it would be a remarkable incident.

NASA’s plan of sending humans to Mars is not immediate, but their plan of sending human to lunar surface is. But Jim mentioned that, the first crew might be send to Mars during 2030s. Amidst all these, SpaceX, private spaceflight firm is busy making Starship Mars-colonizing rocket for helping NASA send astronauts to Mars even faster. Jim also said that woman these days are achieving milestones. His 11 year old daughter can make her own way; woman would soon be seen on the surface of the Red Planet. The one that has the opportunity to walk on Mars might not have joined the astronaut corps at NASA currently and is in her play age. But, the woman to go to moon would be a lucky one from the current list of active astronauts that NASA has.

The first woman on NASA has not yet been selected or declared by NASA, but the date has been scheduled anytime during 2024. Moon landing aim of NASA is included in the agency’s Artemis Program. This program is a beginning to the future plan of creating an entire human settlement on the lunar surface. And it would build the way to have a settlement someday on Mars.

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