Boeing’s bid for Air Force’s WGS-11 is currently under review

Boeing’s bid for Air Force’s WGS-11 is currently under review

Boeing was awarded a $605 M deal in April for producing WGSCC’s (Wideband Global Satellite Communication Constellation) 11th satellite whose terms are still under negotiation by the company and the United States Air Force (USAF). As per the estimation of the USAF, if the agreement is settled faster, then within 5 years the satellite could be prepared for launch; although, a piercing point is that WGS-11 is being used as the hosted payloads’ platform.

SpaceNews was informed by the spokeswoman for AFS (Air Force) and SMC (Space and Missile Systems Center) that WGS-11’s terms of contract with the Boeing are under negotiation.

The deal was announced on April 19, but there were several details on which parties didn’t agree upon. Boeing’s proposal is being reviewed by SMC together with possible hosted payload selections. If a final contract is not decided and signed faster then there are chances of losing the 5-year timeline.

SMC stated that Boeing leaders together with program office of WGS are formulating an upcoming review for system requirements. One of the topics that is being discussed is to make WGS-11 a practical govt. host platform for faster prototyping efforts. No further details about exact efforts were provided by the SMC.The American military and its allies are being provided with broadband communications by WGSC of ten satellites.

The funding of WGS-11 is made by the money that was put by Congress into last year’s fiscal year expense for satellites which the AF never planned to buy. Around $600 M was appropriated by the Congress on top of the AF’s budget demand to acquire WGS-11 & WGS-12. However, that amount wasn’t enough to buy both the satellites & launch them. Then, it was proposed by the SMC to acquire one vehicle possessing the caliber of twice a WGS satellite. The contract of $605 M also included the expense of launch.

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