Boeing was aware of risk 737 Max posed for some months before the tragedy

Boeing was aware of risk 737 Max posed for some months before the tragedy

According to officials, Boeing Co. was aware of the communication between two of its workers regarding concerns about the 737 Max jet. Boeing Co. is the manufacturer of the grounded jet. However, the company did not take swift action about the matter. It failed to hand over these concerns to the federal regulators on time. The regulators have been investigating the main system of flight-control on the jet. The investigation has come in the light of the two fatal crashes, as per the Administration of Federal Aviation.

A copy of the employee conversation was accessed by NBC News. It revealed that this communication comprised an instant chat message communication between the two employees back in 2016. The main technical pilot of the Max, Mark Forkner was one of the participants of this conversation. He told a colleague that the jet has problems. Forkner also admitted having lied to regulators unwittingly. Further, he described the difficulties he faced himself while operating the aircraft.

Using flight language for regulating aerodynamic forces, Forkner said that he found the plane to trim itself in an insane manner when he leveled off at around 4000 ft. at 230 knots. He expressed his shock and surprise about the matter in his messages. This conversation preceded the two deadly crashes of 2018-19. These crashes caused the death of greater than 300 individuals. The chief of FAA Steve Dickson has bluntly demanded for Boeing to explain its actions.

In a letter addressed to the CEO and President of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg, Dickson asked for an immediate explanation about the document’s content as well as the delay from Boeing in disclosing it to the safety regulator. Soon after, the Vice President of Boeing Gordon Johndroe issued a statement and clarified that Muilenburghad communicated with Dickson directly in response to these concerns.

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