US tariff puts UK luxury brands at massive disadvantage over EU

US tariff puts UK luxury brands at massive disadvantage over EU

In the recent event,a group which was representing 250 luxury brands from United Kingdom got in between US and EU’s trade spat and will launch offensive charm in the US. The trade mission by Walpole willstart on Monday. In comparison to initial US tariff, at present the stakes have increased tremendous amount. The tariff that resulted due to dispute on Airbus and government subsidies will make it hard for the citizens of America to purchase tailored suits which are made on Savile Row present in London as well as Scotland’s cashmere sweaters and whisky.

On Friday Cecilia Malmstorm said that the present move of the American government to increase tariff is worth regretting. She further stated that EU will retaliate with regard to subsidies of America to Boeing.Products of EU like French wine and Parmesan cheese will have to face new tariff. America is considered as biggest market for luxury good of UK, which compounds to more than 20% of exports on yearly basis.

Just before her pre-scheduled trip to the state of New York, Helen Brocklebank stated that Walpole will try to showcase the immense beauty and sophistication of British products. She further stated that members of Walpole have reported more than $1 million worth orders after her last trip.

Kathryn Sargent who is the master tailor at Savile Row stated that she will make clients duly aware about the tariffs as well as monitor their reaction. Increase of 25% tariff will add $1,625 even on most cost economic two-piece suits. She also stated that it will make people to consider their decision twice prior to making a purchase.

Due to various tariffs on textile exports and fashion Britain will be at a great disadvantage with respectto its European counter parts. Tariffs will affect export worth $45 million which includes pajamas, suits, linen, woolen jumpers and swimwear.

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