Viasat CEO discusses about ViaSat-4, says Boeing experience will help

Viasat CEO discusses about ViaSat-4, says Boeing experience will help

During an event, one of the spokesperson of Viasat stated that co-building ViaSat-3 with Boeing has provided such an experience to the Company which can be leveraged to increase overall capacity with ViaSat-4 satellite.

Mark Dankberg stated that it is the very first time that the satellite constellation will get integrated in that manner. He further concluded that each ViaSat-3 satellite will carry terabit or higher capacity. In Tempe Viasat is manufacturing payloads for ViaSat-3 satellite trio and has collaborated with Boeing to get platforms for spacecraft. Its first satellite will launch during 2021 over United States.

No specific date has been set for the launch of first ViaSat-4 satellite; moreover, Dankberg said at one of the conferences of Satellite Innovation that Viasat-3 isn’t the end what the Company is planning to do in future. One of the newest satellites of Viasat, named Viasat-2 has a total capacity of 260 gigabits which make it highest-throughput satellite present in the orbit. Initially, the satellite had a capacity of about 300 gigabits, but due to antenna problem, which surfaced after the launch affected its maximum potential.

Viasat’s vice president, RicVanderMeulen stated that the organization is already offering MEO services with the help of satellite of another operator. Though, Ric didn’t provided the name of Viasat’s partner but only MEO’s operator is SES that has O3b satellite. VanderMuelen stated that there is a possibility that in future the Company might go to some other orbits. He said that the Company can do it with the help of a partnership.

For 24 MEO satellite constellation, back in 2016,Viasat had filed with American Federal Communication Commission. Last year Viasat revised the filing for 20 satellites and stated that though small satellites will provide small coverage, but it will be on less risk of interface with several other constellations.

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