Superstar German DJ ‘permanently banned’ from China for liking a ‘South Park’ tweet

Superstar German DJ ‘permanently banned’ from China for liking a ‘South Park’ tweet

High profile German DJ and music producer Zedd has been permanently banned from China for liking a ‘South Park’ tweet on its official account. Zed confirmed the ban on his Twitter account with his followers on Saturday.

Adam Guest a senior entertainment publicist at UK based SATELLITE 14 agency confirmed the news to a news channel. What this means is left amid the clouds i.e. whether it means Zedd is on the list of those with a travel ban to China. Till Saturday, his music was still available to the public on Chinese music streaming site QQ music.

Founded by Trey Parker and Matt Stone “South Park” is an animation series intended for the adults. It satirizes a wide range of fresh happenings across the globe and is made for a mature audience. It came into the controversy when it telecasted an episode called “Band in China” which makes fun of China’s strict censorship regime and also digs out at American firms doing business in the world’s second-largest economy.

China has heavily reacted by blocking all content related to “South Park” on its search engines like Baidu and others.

Zedd had liked the 300th episode on “South Park” twitter account. The 300th episode known as “Shots!” ridicules those anti-vaccination supporters also known as anti-vaxxers while continuing its satire about China.

Zedd’s real name is Anton Zaslavski who hails from Russia but grew up in Germany. When contacted by news channels the German Embassy in Beijing had been reluctant to comment on anything.

Zedd’s ban comes at a time when several American firms doing business in China are accused of bending out of Beijing’s tough censorship regime. Beijing has been keeping its arms at a distance from America and has been quick to increase sanctions on America in every way possible for quite some time now.

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