Apple Might Roll Out Its AR Device With 3rd-Party Assistance Early In 2020

Apple Might Roll Out Its AR Device With 3rd-Party Assistance Early In 2020

Apple might roll out its long-speculated AR phone before mid 2020. As per a note obtained by the media, Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst who has a solid track record when it comes to predictions by Apple, claims that the firm will roll out the handset in the Q2 of next year.

Kuo has earlier claimed that Apple aims to market the phone as an accessory to iPhone. It will supposedly wirelessly offload networking, computing, and location-associated jobs to the handset. In this manner, Apple expects to keep the handset light and thin. Without offering extra context, Kuo claims that Apple will operate with 3rd-party companies to roll out the accessory.

Media recommends that Kuo hints we can view a series of different iPhone-matched AR devices from a series of brands. In addition to this, media also claims that the device is a single item. On the basis of these interpretations, one option is that you will be capable of buying the device from both Apple and various other firms. Every device might feature different branding, but they will all employ the same underlying technology and components, and they will all be well-matched with the iPhone.

On a related note, Kuo earlier also claimed that Apple will roll out a new cheap iPhone SE model sometime in the Q1 next year. In a different report, Kuo claimed that the “iPhone SE2” will have the latest A13 processor by Apple within the frame of an iPhone 8, making it a cheap option to the iPhone 11.

Kuo also claims that the new iPad Pro of Apple will have a time-of-flight camera. While we have seen pictures of the latest triple camera iPad Pro earlier, this is the first time the expert has particularly cited that the renovated model will have a 3D sensor.

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