Bill Mcdermott Expresses His Views After Stepping Down As SAP’s CEO

In an official announcement, Bill McDermott—after serving for 17 years as CEO—declared his decision of stepping down as a CEO of the leading German enterprise MNC, SAP SE. In the announcement, he said that he is not going to renew his CEO contract for next year. After the announcement, the visionary businessman immediately stepped down declaring Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan as new co-CEOs of SAP SE.

Bill has contributed lot in giving the company a formidable stand today. By 2018, the company has increased its capital value from $39 billion to nearly $144.7 billion.

Bill said that he has taken the decision personally and also stated that decision was not taken under any stress or pressure. Though he is not ready yet to take a retirement, he thinks that there is not any right time like this to pass the charge of the company in the new hands of deserved ones. As per the announcement, Bill will be serving the company for two more months in the role of an advisor. Bill is well-known for his decision making ability. He seemed happy about this decision.

“If the decisions are made when you have a strengthened position, they always make you happy”, Bill added.

The company’s executive rankings have witnessed some defections in recent quarter. Brigette McInnis-Day—former COO, SAP SuccessFactors—and Robert Enslin—former president of SAP’s cloud business and a board member—left the company for Google’s                                cloud computing services. Both of them were hired by Google for making its cloud computing services grow aggressively as compared to its rivals.

According to the newly appointed co-CEOs—Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan—it is a great opportunity to rebuild the company’s DNA with a combination of motivating legacies and fresh innovative energy. The duo will focus on giving a rich business value to SAP’s customers with giving priority to maintaining old tapestry of innovative talents and keeping its customers’ support and sense of urgency in their mind.

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