Salesforce Has A New Tool To Keep Track Of Carbon Footprint

Salesforce Has A New Tool To Keep Track Of Carbon Footprint

There are many companies that are willing to contribute to help combat climate change by developing new methods to track the pollution rate in the atmosphere. One such company is Salesforce, which is a customer relationship management company that has recently launched a “Sustainability Cloud,” which is a software that can aid businesses keep an eye plus study their environmental data. The company’s basic idea has been to communicate to the environmental groups about their plans to encourage other companies as well to have a look at their environmental footprint. There are many software tools that are available to provide the same services, but none is that big as Salesforce. Big companies like Amazon Web Services, Adidas, and Farmers Insurance all depend on Salesforce due to their customer services and technology. Some may find carbon accounting more attractive and affordable instead of the pricey tools being distributed by the recognized and trusted source.

Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud was developed using its very own system that helps track its own carbon footprint. The emission seems to have grown every year right from 2017 to 2019 that is almost 149,000 to 244,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equal to its data centers. By 2022, the company plans to reach renewable energy target and also lower its emission rate. The company confirms to have reached net-zero greenhouse gas emissions back in 2017. The tool can help understand the energy usage and planet-warming carbon emissions. By December, the tools will be made available for the new customers. However, a beta version of the tool has been made available for the 10 clients including DocuSign. This new tool can help companies get rid of the dependency on the spreadsheets.

Likewise, Salesforce had recently launched a global brand campaign named “We Bring Companies and Customers Together.” The basic reason behind it to help people understand what the company basically does. The company as mentioned in the About Us section helps connect companies and customers through various technological means. However, the lack of knowledge among the public has urged Co-founder Marc Benioff to take an initiative to help know about the company’s products.

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