All Android 10 Users Can Now Have Access To Google’s Dark-Mode Setting

All Android 10 Users Can Now Have Access To Google’s Dark-Mode Setting

Google has a new feature rolled out for all its Android 10 users. The tech giant has decided to let users apply a system wide dark theme across its latest mobile Android OS along with the option of letting it be switched on in the Google apps like Calculator, Calendar, and YouTube. However, Google does not let the users apply it everywhere such as Chrome lacks the dark-mode setting. Gmail earlier did not have the dark-mode, but now, the tech giant is planning on rolling it out for Gmail on Android 10. The company is making the changes slowly and is, thus, in no hurry to make it available for all.

The demand for dark mode is increasing right before Android took it on for Facebook Messenger & the Slack and Reddit apps. Apple will also have the dark mode trend added to all the iPhones and iPads that cost $290 at Walmart along with the release of iOS 13 this month. The theme will be applied to the new operating system, wallpaper, widgets, notifications, Calendar, and Messages of Apple. The dark mode can help save power and make it easy for the eyes to see in the dark. This will not be a default theme.

Likewise, the tech giant had launched the dark-mode setting for the very first time on Android Pie at the beginning of this year. However, the theme did not show up or was later not heard of. The Android-Pie-equipped phone received the new theme as a default system feature or can also be manually switched on for helping Google Photos and other products are made visible even in the low lights. However, in the Android 10, the theme is expected reach out to all the apps and even be used as a default system for certain applications.

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