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“Hello, World!” Is The New Technique In De Sitter Space For Quantum Physics

For years, researchers have been trying to merge quantum mechanics with gravity. While many institutions are operating on quantum gravity, they frequently employ models that do not consider specific aspects of our own universe, such as its accelerated extension. A group at the OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) demonstrates a new method for quantum gravity with the help of a model that more directly goes with our reality.

Posted in Physical Review D, the team demonstrates their development on the massless fields’ scattering matrix, or S-matrix, an expression that forecasts what will take place when infinitely far-distance particles comes together and communicate. In the paper, the team measures the S-matrix in de sitter space for the easiest scenario, comprising non-interacting, free particles. This is also dubbed as free S-matrix.

“The free S-matrix is not only just elegant math—it has the ability to clarify more realistic scenes,” claims one of the authors of the research, Adrian David. “We will now begin thinking about such use cases, shifting further than separate fields to explore what takes place when those fields communicate.”

“Similar to a sanity test in programming, the ‘Hello, World!’ output message is less attractive as compared to the underlying language employed to produce it,” claims David. “In the same manner, the free S-matrix is less attractive by itself, but more in the doubts it may let us to solve.”

On a related note, if the theory by Albert Einstein for general relativity is true, then a black hole, created from the cosmically quaking crashes of two huge black holes, must itself “ring” in the repercussion, making gravitational waves much similar to how a struck bell reverbates waves. Einstein forecasted that the specific decay and pitch of these gravitational waves must be a direct sign of the newly created black hole’s spin and mass.

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