Xenesis Aims To Examine Optical Terminal On Bartolomeo Platform

Xenesis Aims To Examine Optical Terminal On Bartolomeo Platform

Reportedly, Xenesis—which is a laser communications startup—intends to carry out a space-based display of its Xen-Hub Optical Communications workstation in 2021 on Bartolomeo. The Bartolomeo platform is Airbus Defense and Space’s external research launching pad on the ISS (International Space Station). If that revelation is successful, Xenesis and Airbus might work jointly to offer Bartolomeo platform users and space station customers with commercial entry to Xenesis’ 10-Gigabit optical communications service. Mark LaPenna—CEO and Founder of Xenesis—said to SpaceNews, “We selected Airbus owing to their position on the ISS. They are placed favorably for our project objectives and the procedure is completely ready to use for us. So, Xenesis could achieve what we do best and expand our services.”

In 2018, Chicago-based Xenesis appeared from stealth mode with intends to sell a small optical transceiver advanced at NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Previously in this month, Xenesis announced a deal with Hartwell Capitol Consulting of Virginia to sell the optical transceivers in major markets. Ron Dunklee—CEO and President of Airbus DS Space Systems—said that the Xenesis demonstration “is specifically the kind of operation on the Bartolomeo platform and multipurpose service model were developed for it.”

Similarly, NASA was in news as the ESA (European Space Agency) turned to the U.S. space agency to assist in important ExoMars parachute tests. The ESA has sought support from NASA in a plan to succeed problematic parachutes that intimidated the lift-off of the ExoMars 2020 operation. The ESA is getting ready with two new high-altitude trials of the subsonic and supersonic main chutes for the entry, dive and landing phase of the ExoMars operation, after failures in May and August. The new trials—which are planned to be conducted in December and February—will check the 35-meter-wide subsonic and 15-meter-diameter supersonic parachutes required to slow the dive of the ExoMars lander.

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