Venus Might Have Supported Life Billions Of Years Back

Venus Might Have Supported Life Billions Of Years Back

Venus, the hellish planet, might have had an absolutely habitable surrounding for 2–3 billion years after the planet was created, recommending life might have had sufficient time to surface there, as per a new research.

In 1978, Pioneer Venus spacecraft of NASA discovered proof that the planet might have once had shallow oceans on its land. From that time, various missions have probed the atmosphere and surface of the planet, disclosing new info on how it converted from an “Earth-akin” work to the hellish, hot place it is now.

It is believed that Venus might have been a moderate planet sheltering liquid water for 2–3 billion years before a huge resurfacing occasion almost 700 million years back activated an immediate greenhouse effect, which led the atmosphere of the planet to become extremely hot and dense.

Scientists from Goddard Institute for Space Studies of NASA shared a sequence of 5 simulations that display what the environment of Venus might be like on the basis of different water coverage levels.

All 5 of the simulations recommend Venus might have been capable of maintaining steady temperatures, varying from a high of 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) to a low of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), for almost 3 billion years, as per Europlanet Society.

“Our theory is that Venus might have had a steady climate for quite some time,” one of the study scientists, Michael Way, claimed to the media. “It is possible that the near-worldwide resurfacing event is accountable for its conversion from an Earth-akin climate to the hot-house hell we see now.”

On a related note, an Earth-akin planet has been detected revolving around a close by star at a distance that might make it not very hot and very too cold—sufficiently comfortable for life to exist, scientists declared.

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