US Is Lucky To Have Tariffs Exempted On Apple Mac Pros

US Is Lucky To Have Tariffs Exempted On Apple Mac Pros

In July, President Trump had claimed that the tech giant, Apple, will have to pay tariffs for their redesigned versions of Mac Pro, however, the veracity is poles apart. The US Trade Representative’s office has announced that the regulators have approved tariff exemptions for the computer objects of 10 out of 15 of the Mac Pro. Uncertainty surrounding the tariff exemptions on the objects and its effect on the workstation is something unpredictable. The report of Apple having its production house moved to China has already spread like a fire. However, at the same time, there were also reports that the company still wishes to have the Mac Pros produced in the US and will have more money spent to increase its production.

The reworked Mac that is assembled in the US could still have to face tariffs. The US company is helpless as many of its parts will still be manufactured in China. Thus, the possibility of the costs to rise up quickly is very high. The company is not facing this problem alone as there are many other manufacturing units as well. For the PC makers, the regulators have lowered the tariffs put on electronics like the partial circuit boards and graphics cards. There seems to be a future where the computers including homebuilt PCs have China parts will get extremely expensive. Apple is currently the major target and the risk only seems to be soaring as the US plans to have a new round of tariffs from December 15, 2019.

Similarly, Apple recently decided to trademark its Slofie to help the company have control over the word utilization. Slofies are nothing but slow-motion selfies that Apple has developed in the new iPhone 11 models. With 120 frames per second speed, the phones’ front camera record videos in a slow motion. The results are crisp but it does not seem to be turning into an Animoji-like phenomenon anytime soon.

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