Patients With Ketoacidosis Having Diabetes Linked To Risk Of Suicide

Patients With Ketoacidosis Having Diabetes Linked To Risk Of Suicide

According to a new study, patients having type I diabetes, hospitalization for a hyperglycaemic—commonly known as high blood sugar—coma or ketoacidosis are both associated with a consequent surge in the peril of attempting suicide. The study was carried by Dr. Jean Michel Petit from the University Hospital Dijon, France, and associates. The patients having type I diabetes and hospitalized for ketoacidosis are at an amplified menace of subsequent hospitalization for suicide attempt—which is 2.2 folds increased risk—whereas for hyperglycaemic coma the peril of subsequent hospitalization for suicide attempt is three times higher.

The condition of diabetic ketoacidosis progresses when the body is not able to generate adequate insulin. Without sufficient insulin (or if not enough is administered by the patient having diabetes), the body starts to break down fat for energy. This course creates a buildup of acids in the bloodstream known as ketones, ultimately causing diabetic ketoacidosis if not treated. The symptoms comprise vomiting and nausea, weakness or fatigue, abdominal pain, fruity-scented breath, and shortness of breath. The shortage of insulin also facilitates blood sugar to elevate, which if left uncured can cause a hyperglycaemic coma. Numerous studies have suggested that type I diabetes can notably surge the peril of suicide.

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that heart attack and diabetes is a mainly risky combination. Following a heart attack, patients having diabetes are at higher peril of heart failure and subsequent mortality than those without diabetes, as per to results from the FAST-MI registry that were presented at ESC Congress 2019 along with the WCC (World Congress of Cardiology). The authors stated, “The findings highlight the significance of preventing diabetes through better lifestyles, as well as avoiding overweight and obesity with a healthy diet and exercise.”

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