Orbits Are Getting Crowded By The Satellite Stages Left Behind

Orbits Are Getting Crowded By The Satellite Stages Left Behind

The debate over the upcoming satellite mega constellations and the debris risks related to the orbital only seems to getting least effective. The experts believe that the disasters that the clusters of objects sent to the orbit are going to bring in are endless. According to Darren McKnight of Centauri, the hundreds of rockets have their upper stages left behind in a cluster form in the low Earth orbit, especially the earlier 1980 and 2000 Russian rockets due to their lack of functionality and size. The idea of having a constellation in space is not bad but the later cluster formation is the problem. The 1,000–8,000 Kg of upper stages are dead objects that are left floating and these clusters are expected to only pile up rather than proving functional.

To date, 3 clusters have been identified and those are one at 775 Kilometers that can affect the operational satellites, especially the European Space Agency’s Envisat satellite. The second one is located at 850 Kilometers that consist of many objects and it could be the largest amount of debris that can pose a risk of collision. The third present at 975 Kilometers is one highly feared for a collision. The population of objects is only increasing and thus, there is a need for the removal of clusters to avoid collisions. The CubeSat nano-tug similarly helps remove the stage by attaching to it and nudge its orbit. The idea of waiting for SSA and space traffic management to pull up their socks is impossible until the debris is removed.

Equally, the collision can turn out to be a catastrophic event. Earlier, the European Space Agency was forced to have its thrusters fired to avoid crashing into Starlink satellites of SpaceX. Earth has almost 8,400 Tons of space junk in orbit moving at speeds up to 17,500 Mph and thus, making it possible for tiny pieces of debris to damage the other satellites in the orbit.

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