Google to unveil coronavirus website after Trump’s announcement

Google to unveil coronavirus website after Trump’s announcement

Google has been able to finally unveil its website for coronavirus today. It is a website which the president of United States, Donald Trump had promised that Google was going to build and company was not aware of it. This website is a good resource for obtaining the information with respect to the Coronavirus disease and it is very different from what the President had promised. Last week Trump’s team had announced that Google was going to develop a website for the coronavirus screening all through the nation. The president had made a claim that Google had 1,700 engineers who were working on this project and they had been making a lot of progress. There was confusion after this as Google was quick to announce that Google was in progress to do something that is similar vaguely to what had been described by Trump.

Google has said that they had partnered with the government of United States for developing a website which is going to be dedicated to the education of coronavirus and the prevention along with the local resources all across the nation.

The CEO Sundar Pichai had written that the website includes the best prevention practices and the links to the information which is authoritative from the WHO and the CDC which is providing the helpful tips and tools from google for teachers individuals and the businesses.

At the end of this, Google had delivered one website which does what it had said it is going to do which is not exactly what Trump and his teams would be doing. The website is also providing the questionnaire about the coronavirus about symptoms and also directs them to their nearest facility of the drive through.

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