Coronavirus putting the brakes on exceptional decade for servers

Coronavirus putting the brakes on exceptional decade for servers

Apart from a few potholes which exist and the odd times when hyperscalers and the cloud builders tapped brakes, this has been an exceptional decade for the servers. However because of the coronavirus outbreak and a few issues structurally with the sections of global economy, there is no time to pretend that the economies are now national things as they are not clearly and this may be the peak server for a minimum of a few quarters. Perhaps a few years.

The aftermath of the 1987 crash of stock market had caused the recession eventually and had not been resolved until there was a dot com boom along with the other factors which had injected the hope as well as cash into tech sector and further into all of the other sector which needed to be becoming the e-business. When people think about the transition points in the IT, we think that Great Recession had been the point of time when there was a lot of different industries which had been pivoting. Therefore, the financial analysis is going back usually to Great Recession as they want to be seeing how what has gone on and is now compared to difficult times which were happening then.

As per the researchers, the fourth quarter of the year 2019, which is a long time after the recession happened last, the server shipments had been up by 14% to a level of 3.4 million units and the rise of the revenue was 7.5% to a level of $25.35 billion.

Biggest reason for this increase was the cloud builders and hyperscalers which had invested in machinery heavily in this quarter.

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