The Congress has been acting fast in its response to the epidemic of coronavirus and it is faster than what the Congress thinks. Nancy Pelosi and President Trump had made an agreement on the spending will that had been passed before anyone could know the cost of it or had time for the reviewing of its provisions. The senate looks like it is going to follow suit. It is imperative to remember that in the evaluation of the bill, it must not be considered as the typical stimulus measure for the combating of recession. The congress must be focused on four tasks which is slowing the virus spread, the aiding in treatment of the ones who are infected both by the virus and its efforts of fighting them and the support of the overall economy. The tasks had been overlapping sometimes and the conflict sometimes. In the normal event of recession, they would be wanting to make it sure that the legislation is not discouraging people from doing work. This time for the short term and in a lot of instances, there is a desire that the people must not go to work.

This deal is bipartisan and includes provisions for funding sick leave and the logic for that is that the people who have coronavirus must not be feeling pressure fir working and in the process infecting others as they require funds. This logic might be very limited. The quicker cash payments to a broader population may be proving easy for administration and a lot more effective as they do not want the people to be showing symptoms and also know that they are sick prior to being isolated.

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