Brexit: France warns UK of bitter trade negotiations

Brexit: France warns UK of bitter trade negotiations

France has told the UK that it is going to expect cut throat competition while doing the negotiations in trade once it exits from the EU.

Speaking to the French media the country’s foreign minister told that the two sides would try to get the upper hand in business and thus would “rip each other apart”. Moreover he told that it would be very tough for the UK to agree on a free trade deal by the end of this year.

Government officials in the UK have told that they are looking for a friendly and cooperative deal. The chief negotiator from the Boris Johnson government is expected to come out with more of UK’s negotiating deals while speaking in Brussels later.

Experts believe that the UK will be happy with a trade deal like the one between the EU and the Canada which was agreed to by both parties in 2016 but there will not be any regulatory alignment with the starting of the next year.

UK had officially made its split with the EU two weeks ago but it is still trading like a member under the terms and conditions of the European body. This transition period will be over on 31st December this year. Officials in the UK are trying to make the trade deal and make it approved by the EU as well.

The further talks are expected to begin next month only after the 27 members of the EU agree to the negotiating mandate.

There is still a lot to be done as the two sides are fairly apart on a range of issues. Mr. Le Drian who is a close ally of the French President Emmanuel Macron was speaking at a conference in Munich.

Previously the president and the chief negotiator from the EU have communicated their doubts regarding the inability of the Boris Johnson government to reach a free trade deal agreement by the end of this year.

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