Flu cases rising continuously and expected to further rise

Flu cases rising continuously and expected to further rise

The cases of flu have been rising continuously and have also been expected to further rise for many weeks as per the CDC

The institute of public health has projected that the activity of flu is going to be elevated till the end of this month with the activity being high in a lot of states including region of Ohio.

The officials of state health have said that there are nearly 5,500 hospitalizations which have taken place since the flu season started on 29th of September and it is Cuyahoga County which has seen the highest of hospitalization rates.

As Health Department of Ohio announces that the hospitalizations have gone over twice from the previous season of fly, people have been keeping the hand sanitizers in proximity. They feel that there is a need for them to be sanitized at all times.

The victims of flu feel that it is worse than it has ever been before. They feel that the doctor visits and also the medications have increased and it is taking a very long time for them to be healed.

The week which went from 2nd of February till 8th February has seen close to 1000 hospitalizations and this is more by 19% than what it was the previous week and the activity has been expected to be a lot higher than ever.

The situation people feel is terrible and it is important for people to get their flu shots done as soon as they can. There are temporary limits to the visitors at the three hospitals.

There are only a couple of healthy visitors who are adults who are allowed per the patient and it is important that they wash hands before and post the visit.

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