Russia asks Norway to think about bilateral relationships

Russia asks Norway to think about bilateral relationships

An air force staff of the United States had visited the air base of Norway on the island of the Jan Mayen in the month of November for the testing of the airfield and for seeing whether the military transport planes may be landed there.

The tensions have risen in the Arctic which produces a lot of energy as the region has been opened up by climate change and Russia has been building their military presence in the region and also touted the potential of the route across of the northern flank.

Moscow had repeatedly raised their concerns over the NATO member military spending, its moves have been developing their infrastructure related to military and the deployment of the foreign personnel of military in this country.

Making a comment in the visit of United States to this island, the foreign ministry of Russia had told the media that they believed the recent activity in the military of Norway had been ultimately meant for Russia as these actions were going to destabilize this region. It said that even if it is occasional, the sheer presence of United States was alarming for Russians.

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