CEO of AgropPlasma relieved of duties after racial slurs

CEO of AgropPlasma relieved of duties after racial slurs

The CEO of an area in Phoenix has been accused of using a slur racially towards a driver of a ride share company in the previous week and isn’t with the company now.

The CEO and Founder known as Hans Berglund, AgroPlasma which is a company of organic fertilizer, had been found in one video as using racial slurs to an Uber driver who was also a college student.

The incident had occurred on the 31st of January when a driver known as Randy Clarke had asked the CEO to sit at the back of the vehicle in the ride. Clarke has said that he has a policy that the riders must use the backseat after he had been assaulted while on ride in the year 2018.

AgropPlasma has said in the statement that because of the events on the last Friday, the company has relieved CEO Hans Berglund of his duties while the company is performing a full investigation internally.

Before he left the company, Berglund had issued an apology publicly that he regrets deeply and also apologizes for the derogatory and hurtful language. He said that he believes that there isn’t any excuse for the use of the racial slurs under any of the circumstance so he is not going to explain his actions.

Uber has said in their statement that discrimination has no place on the app of Uber or anywhere. What has been described as a major vision for the guidelines of the community and they had launched a particular investigation just as they came to the knowledge of it.

They have also place the CEOs account on hold as well.

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