Jim Cramer surprised that coronavirus is overpowering jobs report

Jim Cramer surprised that coronavirus is overpowering jobs report

Jim Cramer who is from CNBC recently looked at the week ahead of the reports of earnings and has also given at his comments on the thoughts of CVS, Lyft, Expedia and others.  He also talked about the IPO of Casper and how it is going to have an impact on the market as a whole.

He was surprised to see that the good data in the market has been overshadowed by the fears which have been surrounding the market with respect to the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus which has sent shockwaves in the market.

The market had on Friday discovered that there were as many as 225,000 jobs which had been created as per the reports which was a lot over the predicted 158,000 however the investors had been trading their stocks on the basis of the worries which they had about the potential impact that the outbreak of the coronavirus might cause to the markets globally and slow the economy down in all probability.

There was a major decline in all of the economies of the United States and Cramer said that although he wanted to focus on the earnings for the next week, he feels that the epidemic might end up stealing all the spotlight at the time like it has currently done in spite of the terrific report related to jobs.

The investors have shown a lot of discipline around the IPO which came from Casper Sleep. Cramer feels that this is a very positive sign for the economy and he said that this is something that the economy should be very happy and positive about as the investors have been exercising caution.

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