OneWeb coming up as a major competitor to SpaceX

OneWeb coming up as a major competitor to SpaceX

For a larger part of the year, SpaceX has been getting the biggest share of the attention when it is coming to a lot of the big constellations as well as Satellite internets. In between the month of May as well as January, these companies had launched as many as 240 Starlink satellites in the orbit of lower part of Earth, with a lot more of the launches coming, also having talked of the offering of preliminary commercial services later in the year.

However it had actually been one more company, OneWeb which had launched first of the six satellites of their major constellations back in the month of February of 2019. The initial of the tests of these satellites had gone well as per the company in the previous summer. Now OneWeb has been preparing for the second of the launch of the 34 satellites on the board of the Soyuz rocket from the city of Baikonur in Kazakhstan. The launch has been scheduled on 6th of February on this Thursday.

Just before the launch of Thursday, in an interview of the OneWeb CEO, Adrian Steckel for the plan of the company and how it is going to compete with close to 6 other firms looking at the provision of Internet from the space.

After the first launch of the company one year ago, as per Steckel, OneWeb has been happy with the performance of six satellites, all of which are weighing about as much as 150kg. Steckel has been saying OneWeb has been making one some of the changes in terms of the software for managing satellites with a few of the modifications.

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