New study: no possible link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder

New study: no possible link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder

Recently, a major study directed by US government was printed mentioning that, there is no possible relation between the usage of talcum powder and ovarian cancer, quoting data from nearly 2.5 million women. As per the sources, the paper was seen in the influential JAMA, which also printed a reportflattering the research methods and calling the conclusions overall comforting. Since decades, talcum power is being used by women for the hygiene of genital area to absorb moisture and odor, either via direct application or through sanitary pads, underwear, diaphragms or tampons. This is very common in elder women.

But the usage of the talcum powder has become controversial due to the reported risks of cancer. In the year 2018, Johnson & Johnson, a pharmaceutical giant of the United States, was asked to pay 4.7 billion dollars to twenty-two women who had demanded that asbestos present in the talcum powder of the company’s products instigated them to progress ovarian cancer. The demand is in progress. In the year 1970, worries increased over possible contamination of the mineral talc having asbestos, which repeatedly form together with each other in environment.

A higher risk of ovarian cancer was showed by some of the studies among users of talcum powder, which supposed of inflowing the ovaries through the opening of vagina along with the uterus. But the connectioncontinueddoubtful due to the smaller number of studies directed, with some of them disapproved for a practice that presented recall unfairness among members, though others weren’t statistically convincing. The result is also hard to separate because ovarian cancer themselves are uncommon, just 1.3% of all women has a risk of being affected by it in their entire lifetimes. The study printed in the JAMA, directed by Katie O’Brien manufacturedstatistics from nearly 4 huge studies, from the years 1982-2017.

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