Nissan Setting Up Its Future Plans In Case It Breaks Up With Renault

Nissan Setting Up Its Future Plans In Case It Breaks Up With Renault

Reports citing a downfall of relations between Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. have started surfacing after the former chiefof the alliance, Carlos Ghosn, left the company. As per a person concerned with the matter, the relationships between the two companies have become “dysfunctional” and it has become imminent for Nissan Motor Co. to look for an alternative future path. Nissan has been assessing all the possible ways of keeping the alliance intact since the last one year. However, the chances of the alliance moving ahead in the right direction have become more and more negligible with every passing week.

It is not just Nissan who are trying hard to keep the alliance intact, their French partner Renault too are doing their bit.The relationship took a turn for the worse after Carlos Ghorn, the man who led both the companies in this alliance, was arrested in Japan back in 2018 on grounds of financial misconduct. The point concerning Nissan is the engineering and technology sharing with its French partners in the alliance. Despite the concerns becoming stronger for a split up in the alliance, it does not look too feasible for either company to do so. Shares of both the companies have already been last year’s worst performers amongst the leading automakers. Another negative news will only hamper their presence in the stock market further.

Talking about the alliance chief, Carlos Ghosn, fled from Japan to Lebanese in an attempt to escape the ongoing trial. In his defence, he is clear enough to state that he “fled injustice”. He broke the silence and spoke out openly against his trial in Japan via a press conference in the Lebanese capital. He fled Japan in late December and is still staying in the Lebanese capital.

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