Rise in the rate of suicides becoming major issue for businesses

Rise in the rate of suicides becoming major issue for businesses

The rise in the rate of suicides has begun to become a major problem for the businesses too. In a report which came out from Bureau of Labor Statistics on the fatalities taking place at the workplace, it was revealed that the tragic incidents had been more than before. The number of people committing suicides for the year 2018 were 304 which is an increase of as much as 11% from the year prior to that and the highest it has been ever since the tracking of these numbers had begun. The companies have not been able to find a way to respond.

A decade ago, a lot of the companies had seen suicide as a major personal or medical issue and said that this had absolutely nothing to do with their work say a few experts who are saying that now there are a lot of the companies globally who are making an attempt to talk to the experts seeking answers and coming up with the strategies to counter this trend.

Executives in the situation of this trauma are not always aware of what should be done and how they can support the co-workers who have witnessed the death of one of their peers and also how the matter must be disclosed publicly and also internally.

In the previous year, after an employee of Facebook jumped from a company building’s fourth floor, his deaths had sparked the accusations of the work environment being harsh for a few of the foreign employees of the company. This controversy had intensified after the co-worker of the person who died had decided to be critical and was fired soon after.

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