Carlos Ghosn predicts bad future for Nissan

Carlos Ghosn predicts bad future for Nissan

The former boss of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn has said that the future of the car maker from Japan is in major doubt.

Mr. Ghosn has said that the firm’s struggling results and the dropping share prices are worrying him.

He went on to say further that in case Brexit were to impact the competitiveness of Nissan in the European Union, the future of its plant in Sunderland is going to be really bleak.

Ghosn had recently in Japan skipped bill as he fled to Lebanon after he had been charged with the financial crimes.

Last year in the month of November, Nissan had reported that the half-year profits had gone down by 70%. It had even cut its forecast for the complete year to a level which was a low of 11 years for them.

This had been after an announcement in the month of July in 2019 that they are going to be cutting 12,500 jobs post a quarterly profit collapse.

The giant in automaking has constantly been hit by a fall in the level of sales and the yen being strong. Ghosn’s exit took place after there was an internal turmoil.

Mr. Ghosn had the reputation of being someone who can reduce costs after he had radically overhauling the loss-making Renault’s division of South America. The management of Nissan is not seemingly worried about the bottom line as they are a lot more worried about the investigations and also supporting the investigators says Ghosn.

Ghosn recently had given a news conference in Lebanon where he came hard on the justice department of Japan. He further stated that it was the drop in share prices which was also very concerning for Nissan.

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