Brexit deal unstoppable after an overwhelming vote in favor of the deal

Brexit deal unstoppable after an overwhelming vote in favor of the deal

An overwhelming vote in the House of Commons has gone in the favor of Brexit deal. This has ultimately paved the way for United Kingdom’s leaving of the European Union later in the month after over four decades of it being a member of the EU.

This deal has been able to clear the biggest hurdle with voting that happened after the third reading that has taken place in the parliament in which there were 330 votes for and there were 231 votes against as it put to an end, the three years of political wrangling which had followed the referendum of Brexit that took place in the year 2016.

There is no way to stop Brexit now as the United Kingdom is now going to face up to how long the process is going to take. Thursday provided the final opportunity for those who were members of parliament to reject this bill prior to it being sent for being put into the legislation in the weeks that are coming.

This deal was being brought down by a part of the House of Commons multiple times in the last year and had sent the Westminster in a conundrum over the happening of the Brexit deal.

But the vote on Thursday in the parliament was in a stark contrast to the problems that were going on and had been dominating most of 2019’s politics in Britain and had led to former Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation.

The plan of Johnson is pretty much the same as it was when May had proposed it but it has included a border for customs in between Northern Ireland and the other parts of United Kingdom.

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