Dow Jones and S&P 500 fall on the news of plane crash and missile strike in Middle East

Dow Jones and S&P 500 fall on the news of plane crash and missile strike in Middle East

The futures of Dow Jones and also the S&P 500 and other major stock markets all fell with the Iranian missile strike on the airbase of Iraq that housed the troops from United States. However, they were not at the lows they had reached overnight as the president had then tweeted a comforting tweet which eased the fears of escalations.

In an event which was unrelated apparently, a passenger Boeing 737 jet which had been operated by a carrier from Ukraine had crashed soon after it took off in Iran. The reasons were said to be technical and had killed all the passengers on the flight.

The rally of the stock markets had a good session on Tuesday with the fears of Iran as the Dow Jones was lagging with the leaders being Dexcom Stock and Nvidia stock.

The stocks which were leading had been highlighted off late on the IBD Live and had been analyzed this Tuesday with them making the bullish moves. The IBD live is IBD’s new market show which focuses on the stocks that are actionable.

There was a fall in the Dow Jones futures of over 1% at the lows however it saw a roar back. They had faded once again to a loss of 0.7% which is expected to be in the reaction to the crash which had taken place.

This was not the 737 max which has been grounded after the fatal crash it had in the month of March. The stock of Boeing is the largest weight on the industrial average. The S*P 500 saw a drop of only 0.4%. The retreating in the Nasdaq 100 futures was at 0.6%.

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