New study: five ways to lessen dementia’s risk

New study: five ways to lessen dementia’s risk

Rendering to a new research, living a happy and healthy lifestyle might decrease your risk of developing with dementia, even though you possess the genetic risk of the condition. The study, which was printed in JAMA journal analyzed nearly 196,383 grownups of European origin ageing 60 and above. Among those samples, 1,769 cases of dementia were identified by the researchers for a follow-up period of almost 8 years. It was found by them that, the danger of developing with dementia was 32 percent lesser in people bearing high genetic risk if a healthy lifestyle would have been followed by them, as compared to the people living an unhealthy lifestyle.

David Llewellyn, who is co-author of the study said that, a really noteworthy message has been brought by this study, which weakens a defeatistopinion of dementia. It has been believed by few people that, it is unavoidable and they will be developed with dementia as they have that in their genetics. However, this research vanishes the idea saying that might not be the case all the time. The study, which was printed recently by researchers from the University of Exeter, focused at 4 major indications of an unhealthy versus healthy lifestyle.

It was found that, individuals who were more probable to develop the condition reported consuming unhealthier diet higher in sugar and salt, smoked cigarettes and were not engaged in any physical activity on a regular basis. 5th item to be avoided was found by a study conducted in the year 2017: artificial sweeteners. Rendering to the study printed in the journal Stroke, consuming one or more artificially sweetened beverage regularly was linked with 3 times the risk of developing with the condition as compare to the people consuming it less than that. A statistically significant link between antidepressants and dementia was also found by the researchers.

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