Democratic Presidential Nominations To Focus On Electric Vehicles

Democratic Presidential Nominations To Focus On Electric Vehicles

2020 is going to be an election year and the Democratic presidential nomination is going to heat up soon as the leading front-runners Pete Buttgieg, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang and Joe Bidden have been positioning themselves on the issue of electric vehicles.

Joe Biden has not been talking a lot about the electric vehicles however his website does talk about the restoration of tax credit to full electric vehicles

Biden has made it clear that he wants standards for fuel economy so that all of the new sales for the medium and light duty vehicles are going to be electrified. Biden has said that the standards for the vehicles must get improvements every year without giving any specific numbers. He further feels that the biggest hindrance to electrification of vehicles is the dearth of charging stations for the vehicles.

Pete Buttegieg had as Mayor set the targets of 100% passenger vehicles by the year 2035 with 2040 as the target for the heavy-duty trucks.

The administration is going to work on increasing this tax credit to a maximum level of $10,000 per vehicle. The focus is for the lower and middle income families to afford the vehicles.

Bernie Sanders has proposed to completely ban the new oil drilling and is going to ban the import and export of fossil fuels. Sanders said that he is going to end the annual subsidies of $15 billion to the oil companies.

Elizabeth Warren is of the opinion that all the new vehicles and the medium duty trucks as well as busses must be fully electric by the year 2030. The clean energy plan is going to extend the business and consumer tax credits for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles.



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