Larry Kudlow Says Trade Talks Positive But 15th December Very Important

Larry Kudlow Says Trade Talks Positive But 15th December Very Important

Larry Kudlow who is the economic advisor of the White House has on Friday said that Donald Trump likes the progress of the talks which are going on with China and a deal is said to be nearing. However, he also said that the deadline of December 15 is still going to remain in place for the new tariffs by the United States on Chinese imports to come into effect.

He said that there was no deadline there, however, the fact that still remains is that December 15 is a very important date when it comes to the happening or not happening of the tariffs. He said that this is completely up to the President however the date 15th of December is going to be a very important one.

It was anticipated earlier that the phase-one deal between the United States and China is going to happen in the month of November before the December round of tariffs, which affects nearly $156 Billion of imports from China.

Kudlow though said that the talks are constructive and are happening on a daily basis and they are in fact very close to a deal.

Trump, however, said that they like what they see in the talks which are happening currently; however, he has added that the president is not willing to sign a deal with China yet.

China, in the meantime, has said on Friday that it is going to exempt a few pork and soybeans from the United States, which is an attempt at an injection of some momentum into the trade talks that has been going on, as per reports in the newspapers of China.

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