China’s economy vulnerable post trade war, feel experts

China’s economy vulnerable post trade war, feel experts

The opinion with regard to China in America has drifted away from being benign once. The view which is still being favored by a few among the business fraternity had held the belief that China being prosperous would be threatening their neighbors who are not as prosperous as China and this would offer a big advantage economically to the Chinese.

Consequently, this view had been recommending that the West must engage the Asian giant in a friendly manner and be accommodative with them as much as they can. The view that is taking shape in the recent past though has responded to the strong evidences that the development of china is anything but benign. The view says that China usually flaunts the accepted trade practices, engages itself in the theft of technology secrets and has been spying in an outrageous manner. Above all, this view has also contended that China is aggressive in Asia and is on an imperialistic quest and has no regard for the human rights in the regions like Hong Kong and Xinjiang. This new view has considered China to be a country which is dangerous when it comes to economy and also military and diplomacy and might well be unstoppable.

However there are a lot of experts who say that viewing China in this manner is a mistake. They do not deny the aggression and dangers related with the country however they believe that China itself is a country which is economically vulnerable and that its weaknesses are going to be ultimately coming in the way of their ambitions. They feel that post the trade war, China is unlikely to reach the economic growth levels which it had been reaching at one point of time.

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